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Our CH30C bale grab combines the best elements of a Bale Spike and a Bale Squeeze to offer a heavy duty, versatile attachment for a variety of applications. Using a ‘roller’ system, the grab can be used for wrapped bales, with the rollers, large flat face and domed ends to protect the bale wrapping. A single hydraulic cylinder moves the rollers into position to cradle the bale to ensure quick and easy stacking and manoevering. By simply removing the rollers, 2 x KV style tines make the attachment a double bale spike with the hydraulic cylinder forcing the bales together and preventing them from spinning.

Brackets Included / SWL 1000kgs

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Part NumberDescriptionCapacityOpen WidthClosed WidthRRP
CH30Bale Spike w/ Rollers1000kgs1.44m (4'9")0.59m (1'11")£2635


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Roller Sleeves, sit over the tines to protect the wrapped bale whilst allowing a tight bale grip.
Front Flat Face, gives a solid backing for the bale to rest against whilst also offering wrapping protection.
Brackets, fitted as standard on all models.
Tines, When needed as a bale spike, simply remove the roller sleeves and operate the tines accordingly.



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