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Our range of pallet forks, carriages and extensions are suitable for any machine. Bespoke models are available. For example, a wider pallet carriage with longer tines to move shipping containers. Standard sizes are usually available from stock. Our pallet forks are sold in pairs only.


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With quick and easy installation the tine positioner allows the tines to be moved without the need to get out of the machine. Thanks to the great visibility though and over it, it takes less time to place the load whilst minimising the damage to pallets as the tines are in the correct position. ...


Heavy Duty Great Build Quality Safe

The Cherry Pallet Fork Carriage range is built specifically to be suitable for any machine with tines to match. The benefit of having a pallet fork carriage is that you can pick up and drop off your tines like any other attachment, rather than having to remove them manually. Our pallet fork...


Heavy Duty Great Build Quality Safe

We offer a massive selection of pallet fork tines for most machines. These will either fit our pallet fork carriages, your exisitng headstock or both. We can get tines rated to your specific needs, or have them specially made if your require something slightly different. As with all pallet fork...


Heavy Duty Great Build Quality Safe

The Side-Shift carriages move forks horizontally on the fork carriage and enable exact pick-up or depositing of the loads in tight spots, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of the pallet carriage and tines accordingly. It is suitable for various occasions for handling and stacking. ...


Heavy Duty Great Build Quality Safe

The Pallet fork extensions simply slide onto your existing tines and then allow a further reach. There are many types we offer, but we would need to know your existing tine dimensions. As with all pallet fork attachments, the SWL of the machine, pallet fork carriage, and tines must never be...