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Side-Shift Carriage

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The Side-Shift carriages move forks horizontally on the fork carriage and enable exact pick-up or depositing of the loads in tight spots, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of the pallet carriage and tines accordingly. It is suitable for various occasions for handling and stacking. They are most commonly installed on forklift trucks, it enables the forklift to move loads side to side with minimum effort.

They can be easily retofitted to an existing class 3 and 2 castleated rail (ITA) type carriage (specification guidlines below).

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The price shown is for the Side-Shift carriage only. Pallet Fork tines can be found here.

Pallet fork Carriage Only.

Part No.DescriptionCapacityMinimum Width Of Host CarriageWidth Of CarriageMassRRP
CP39SSFits onto a Class 2 ITA Carriage2500kg10351150mm57kg£630
CP40SSFits onto a Class 3 ITA Carriage5000kg10351150mm103kg£760

*Please note that this product can’t be fitted with telehandler brackets as it fits directly onto a class 2 or 3 castleated rail (ITA) type carriage. If you dont already have this type of pallet carriage please have a look at our CP39 and CP40 pallet carriage.*

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