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Pallet Fork Extensions

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The Pallet fork extensions simply slide onto your existing tines and then allow a further reach. There are many types we offer, but we would need to know your existing tine dimensions. As with all pallet fork attachments, the SWL of the machine, pallet fork carriage, and tines must never be exceeded.

Our pallet fork carriages have a safe working load stamped onto the serial plate. The lift capacity of the machine and pallet tines must never be exceeded.

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Part NumberLength mmTo Suit a Maximum Sized Fork OfSWL @ Load CenterWeight (Pair)RRP
CHIFE-460HDBO-N/F1525mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm42£410
CHIFE-465HDBO-N/F1650mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm48£420
CHIFE-472HDBO-N/F1829mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm52£430
CHIFE-478HDBO-N/F1981mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm56£440
CHIFE-484HDBO-N/F2134mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm60£450
CHIFE-496HDBO-N/F2438mm Long100 x 50mm2000kgs @ 500mm68£465
CHIFE-560HDBO-N/F1525mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm46£420
CHIFE-565HDBO-N/F1650mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm52£430
CHIFE-572HDBO-N/F1829mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm56£445
CHIFE-578HDBO-N/F1981mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm62£450
CHIFE-584HDBO-N/F2134mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm66£460
CHIFE-596HDBO-N/F2438mm Long125 x 50mm4000kgs @ 500mm72£510
CHIFE-672HDBO-N/F1829mm Long150 x 60mm6000kgs @ 600mm62£460
CHIFE-678HDBO-N/F1981mm Long150 x 60mm6000kgs @ 600mm66£475
CHIFE-696HDBO-N/F2438mm Long150 x 60mm6000kgs @ 600mm80£505



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