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The CHW3 side squeeze bale grab is the ultimate grab for strength, versatility and design. For use on wrapped or unwrapped bales, squares or rounds, the heavy duty design of the CHW3 will maximise productivity. The heavy wall, circular tubed arms will protect bale wrapping and ensure a secure grip throughout. By opening parallel, the CHW3 allows for easy, tight stacking and the standard spill rail means potentially two bales can be stacked at a time. All models come with brackets and a pressure relief valve as standard. The design also means round bales can be stacked on their ends with ease.

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Brackets Included / SWL 1400kgs

Part NumberDescriptionCapacityOpen WidthClosed WidthRRP
CHW3Side Squeeze Bale Grab1400kgs1.94m (6'4")1.02m (3'4")£3,825


Spill Frame, prevent bales falling back over the grab.
CHS Frame, circular hollow section arms prevent wrapped tears whilst maintaining strength.
Parallel Closing, allows for unrivalled ease of stacking, precision and time efficiency.
Brackets, integral to the design and strength of the grab, fitted as standard on all models.
Specials, we are the manufacturers, so if you want a special to suit your application, just ask.
Clean Frame, the back frame and any contact points are designed to not have any points where wrapping can tear.


Part NumberDescription£RRP
CHW3-BRPBottom Ram Pin 25mmØ 150mm Long£70
CHW3-TRPTop Ram Pin (rod end) 25mmØ 80mm Long£50
CP11BHydraulic Cylinder£350
CHW3-PAVAdjustable Pressure Valve£140
CT13Check Valve£155


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