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Universal Bale Handler

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The universal bale handler can be used to move round and square, wrapped and un-wrapped bales in the field and from trailers.

– Optional “vertical stacking kit” allows you to carry square bales with paddle clamping at the top

– Smooth and strong paddle arm shaped for maximum surface area contact wth the bale

– Double skinned headstock for more strength at key stress point

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Brackets Included

Part NumberDescriptionCan be used forWeightRRR
UBHUniversal Bale Handler (without brackets)Square, round, wrapped or un-wrapped bales200KG£2,000
UBH-BUniversal Bale Handler (with brackets)Square, round, wrapped or un-wrapped bales250KG£2,215


Part NumberDescriptionRRR
7700065Check Valve£105
7700012Gripper Arm Paddle£525
7700089Ram Seal Kit£55
UBH-SKVertical Stacking Kit- 2 x 980mm long straight tines£160

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