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Versatile Bale Handler

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with two tines hidden underneath hollow rollers, this bale handler is a great option for moving round bales.

Part NumberDescriptionOpen WidthClosed WidthWeightRRP
VRBHVersatile Bale Handler (without brackets)1.56m0.76m152KG£1,700
VRBH-BVersatile Bale Handler (with brackets)1.56m0.76m202KG£1,915

– Smooth buffer bars keep the bale away from moving parts

– Smooth cover on retaining bolt for roller avoids damagae to wrap

– tall fram allows maximum support when carrying larger bales

– 90mm diameter rollers open to 760mm and close to 155mm

– Integral tines allow spiking of bales, roller slides over the top

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