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Introducing our new range of loader/skidsteer specific buckets.

Designed and manufactured with strength and cost in mind, our new range of tractor loader buckets are perfect for smaller machines with up to a 2 tonne lifting capability. With widths ranging from 3’6″ to 7′ at various capacities.

An excellent quality bucket for minimum price!

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Brackets Included

List of Models:

Part NumberCapacityWidthDepthHeightWeight kgRRP*RRP Extra weld on toe plate*
B36-0200.20m3 (7ft³)1.07m (3'6")0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')108£950£115
B4-0230.23m³ (8ft³)1.22m (4')0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')123£1,010£120
B46-0260.26m³ (9ft³)1.37m (4'6")0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')145£1,025£125
B5-0290.29m³ (10ft³)1.53m (5')0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')156£1,060£130
B56-0320.32m³ (11ft³)1.68m (5'6")0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')162£1,090£135
B6-0350.35m³ (12ft³)1.83m (6')0.50m (1'8")0.61m (2')168£1,170£145
B4-0360.36m³ (13ft³)1.22m (4')0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")132£1,100£120
B46-0410.41m³ (14ft³)1.37m (4'6")0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")160£1,150£125
B5-0450.45m³ (16ft³)1.53m (5')0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")165£1,225£130
B56-0500.50m³ (18ft³)1.68m (5'6")0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")175£1,250£135
B6-0540.54m³ (19ft³)1.83m (6')0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")186£1,325£145
B66-0590.59m³ (21ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")204£1,350£150
B7-0630.63m³ (22ft³)2.14m (7')0.62m (2')0.66m (2'2")216£1,400£150
B5-0730.73m³ (26ft³)1.53m (5')0.91m (3')0.86m (2'10")205£1,465£130
B56-0800.80m³ (28ft³)1.68m (5'6")0.91m (3')0.86m (2'10")229£1,515£135
B6-0870.87m³ (31ft³)1.83m (6')0.91m (3')0.86m (2'10")246£1,575£145

*Add (DL01) onto the end of each part number if you require an extra welded wear edge.*


Lightweight, makes these the ideal bucket for any tractor loader.
Extra Support Gussets, contribute towards the strength at key stress points.
Brackets, welded on brackets.
Shell, 5mm body made from S275 steel.
Side Stiffeners, side stiffeners as standard to help the longevity of the bucket.
Brackets, price includes whichever brackets you require.



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