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The Cherry Multi Purpose Bucket range incorporates the ever popular grab design used in our heavy duty fork and grabs. This includes open and close stops for the protection of the hydraulic cylinders and 38mm Ø zinc plated pins.

The grab design allows for wide opening (CB26 sizes; 1460mm. CB27 sizes; 1760mm. CB28 sizes; 2260mm) whilst also offering the long term reliability of our heavy duty fork and grabs. We offer all models with the choice of KV style or profile tines. All models also come as standard with a bolt on, reversible toe plate and removable side panels.

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Brackets Included

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgRRP
CB26S1.13m³ (40ft³)1.98m (6'6'')1.04m (3'5")0.93m (3')632£4,730
CB27S1.74m³ (61ft³)1.98m (6'6'')1.20m (4')1.10m (3'7")710£4,875
CB26A1.27m³ (45ft³)2.13m (7')1.04m (3'5")0.93m (3')658£4,830
CB27A1.87m³ (66ft³)2.13m (7')1.20m (4')1.10m (3'7")765£5,070
CB261.42m³ (50ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.04m (3'5")0.93m (3')685£4,985
CB272.01m³ (71ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.20m (4')1.10m (3'7")820£5,305
CB282.70m³ (95ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.40m (4'7)1.40m (4'7)1138£5,640
CB26W1.56m³ (55ft³)2.45m (8')1.04m (3'5")0.93m (3')700£5,170
CB27W2.15m³ (75ft³)2.45m (8')1.20m (4')1.10m (3'7")875£5,570
CB28W2.90m³ (102ft³)2.45m (8')1.40m (4'7)1.40m (4'7)1220£6,010

Add ‘K’ onto any part number for KV type tines. Add ‘P’ for Profile type tines

Replacement Toe Plates

We keep a massive selection of Bolt on and Weld on Toe Plates in stock, which can usually be despatched on the same day of order. The below lists recognise our standard, stock toe plates. If you require a special toe plate that is not listed below, please contact us and we will endeavor to meet your needs. For bolt on toe plates, if you are unsure which blade is right for you, call us with the hole centres and the number of holes required and we will do our best to help you out. The TP27 range is Bolt on toe plates and the TP26 is weld on.

TP26SS/15001.50m (4'11")150 X 20mm£275
TP26S/19801.98m (6'6")150 X 20mm£290
TP26A/21332.13m (7')150 X 20mm£300
TP26/22862.28m (7'6")150 X 20mm£300
TP26AW/24502.45m (8'½")150 X 20mm£305
TP26WW/25912.59m (8'6")150 X 20mm£305
TP26WWW/27432.74m (9')150 X 20mm£315
TP27SS/15001.50m (4'11")5285mm200 x 20mm£370
TP27S/19801.98m (6'6")7285mm200 x 20mm£385
TP27A/21332.13m (7')8285mm200 x 20mm£395
TP27/22862.28m (7'6")8285mm200 x 20mm£415
TP27AW/24502.45m (8'½")8320mm200 x 20mm£435
TP27WW/25912.59m (8'6")8320mm200 x 20mm£455
TP27WWW/27432.74m (9')9320mm200 x 20mm£480
For Spare Toe Plate Nut and Bolt use Part Number PB01 RRP £8 each


Part NumberDescription£RRP
SGSplit grab (not independently controlled)£485
RPBolt on protection for hydraulic cylinders£355
BG01Full width spill guard£620
BG02Half width spill guard£515
GTP26Weld on toe plate accross tine tips (as per image below)£375


Grab Tine Choice, profile cut or KV style.
Side Panels, bolt in, easily removable for extra capacity. Side stifferners for extra strength
Toe Plate, 20mm thick bolt on reversible toe plate as standard.
Hydraulic Cylinders, high capacity for long term reliability, inward facing ports for maximum protection.
Pins, high grade, 38mm Ø with a retaining bolt to prevent pin from turning.
Grab Stops, on opening and closing of the grab to protect hydraulic cylinders and pins.
Wide Opening Grab, CB26 sizes; 1460mm. CB27 sizes; 1760mm. CB28 sizes; 2260mm.


Part NumberDescription£RRP
CB27P0138mmØ Pivot Pin 195mm Long£50
CB27P0238mmØ Top Ram Pin 145mm Long£50
CB27P0338mmØ Bottom Ram Pin 195mm Long£50
CT06/0980mm Curved KV Type Grab Tine w/ M28 Nut [CB28 Range]£85
CT06/HD980mm Curved Profile Tine [CB28 Range]£70
CT06810mm Curved KV Type Grab Tine w/ M24 Nut [CB27 Range]£70
CT06/HD810mm Curved Profile Tine [CB27 Range]£70
CT06/1680mm Curved KV Type Grab Tine w/ M20 Nut [CB26 Range]£65
CT06/1/HD680mm Curved Profile Tine [CB26 Range]£60
CP02Hydraulic Cylinder£345
CT13Check Valve£155
Part NumberDescription£RRP
CB26RSP/RHReplaceable side panels for CB26- Right hand£95
CB26RSP/LHReplaceable side panels for CB26- Left hand£95
CB27RSP/RHReplaceable side panels for CB27- Right hand£105
CB27RSP/LHReplaceable side panels for CB27- Left hand£105
CB28RSP/RHReplaceable side panels for CB28- Right hand£120
CB28RSP/LHReplaceable side panels for CB28- Left hand£120

*As viewed from the machine cab*

*Includes nuts & bolts*



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