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Designed on over 35 years of experience, our purpose built Rehandling Buckets are manufactured to suit your machine.

Support straps 12mm thick run continuously around the bucket, integral with the attachment brackets to offer unrivalled strength and durability. These are supported by further cross section straps underneath and on the back of the bucket. On each side there are 12mm stiffeners. The top of the bucket is flat, enhancing your view of the application, whilst also acting as an internal spill guard.

Built to suit your machine (ensuring the best possible crowd and dump can be achieved), our rehandling buckets have a shorter floor depth for maximum tear out force.

The Cherry Rehandling bucket range is manufactured to the highest quality from 5mm plate. This is re-enforced by the support straps, stiffeners and gusseting, meaning the crucial stress and wear points are strengthened and protected.

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Brackets Included / Rolled Options Available

Telehandler Models;

*If you require a bolt on reversible toe plate on your bucket please add TP27 to the bucket part number and add the RRP from the table below that relates to the width of bucket you have chosen*

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgRRP
CB09SF0.73m³ (26ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.75m (2'5")0.77m (2'4")320£2,160
CB10SF1.21m³ (43ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.84m (2'9")1.12m (3'8")380£2,350
CB11SF1.47m³ (52ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.90m (3')1.14m (3'9")415£2,395
CB09AF0.79m³ (28ft³)2.13m (7')0.75m (2'5")0.77m (2'4")365£2,250
CB10AF1.30m³ (46ft³)2.13m (7')0.84m (2'9")1.12m (3'8")400£2,420
CB11AF1.58m³ (56ft³)2.13m (7')0.90m (3')1.14m (3'9")490£2,450
CB09F0.84m³ (30ft³)2.28m (7'6")0.75m (2'5")0.77m (2'4")390£2,285
CB10F1.41m³ (50ft³)2.28m (7'6")0.84m (2'9")1.12m (3'8")410£2,475
CB11F1.69m³ (60ft³)2.28m (7'6")0.90m (3')1.14m (3'9")510£2,500
CB50F1.98m³ (70ft³)2.28m (7'6")0.96m (3'2")1.26m (4'2")550£2,620
CB09FW0.89m³ (32ft³)2.45m (8')0.75m (2'5")0.77m (2'4")416£2,320
CB10FW1.50m³ (53ft³)2.45m (8')0.84m (2'9'')1.12m (3'8")437£2,525
CB11FW1.80m³ (64ft³)2.45m (8')0.90m (3')1.14m (3'9")544£2,570
CB50FW2.11m³ (74ft³)2.45m (8')0.96m (3'2")1.26m (4'2")580£2,680

Replacement Toe Plates

We keep a massive selection of Bolt on and Weld on Toe Plates in stock, which can usually be despatched on the same day of order. The below lists recognise our standard, stock toe plates. If you require a special toe plate that is not listed below, please contact us and we will endeavor to meet your needs. For bolt on toe plates, if you are unsure which blade is right for you, call us with the hole centres and the number of holes required and we will do our best to help you out. The TP27 range is Bolt on toe plates and the TP26 is weld on.

TP26SS/15001.50m (4'11")150 X 20mm£275
TP26S/19801.98m (6'6")150 X 20mm£290
TP26A/21332.13m (7')150 X 20mm£300
TP26/22862.28m (7'6")150 X 20mm£300
TP26AW/24502.45m (8'½")150 X 20mm£305
TP26WW/25912.59m (8'6")150 X 20mm£305
TP26WWW/27432.74m (9')150 X 20mm£315
TP27SS/15001.50m (4'11")5285mm200 x 20mm£370
TP27S/19801.98m (6'6")7285mm200 x 20mm£385
TP27A/21332.13m (7')8285mm200 x 20mm£395
TP27/22862.28m (7'6")8285mm200 x 20mm£415
TP27AW/24502.45m (8'½")8320mm200 x 20mm£435
TP27WW/25912.59m (8'6")8320mm200 x 20mm£455
TP27WWW/27432.74m (9')9320mm200 x 20mm£480
For Spare Toe Plate Nut and Bolt use Part Number PB01 RRP £8 each


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
BG01Full width spill guard£620
BG02Half width spill guard£515
DL01Welded Leading Edge£365
DL02Welded Leading Edge and Side Gussets£460
DL03Internal corner gussets£140
DL04Internal full length gussets£385


Support Straps, 150mm wide and12mm thick, they run continuously around and across the bucket. Meaning that at the key stress and wear points the bucket is 17mm thick.
Side Stiffeners, 80mm wide and 12mm thick welded to the front edge of each side.
Leading Edge, 20mm leading wear edge also acts as a main strengthening component for the bucket, especially when doubled up with a bolt on reversible toe plate.
Bucket Angle, purpose built to suit your machine for maximum crowd and dump.
Brackets, heavy duty brackets that run from top to bottom, welded to the support straps speading the load from the machine to maximum effect.
Experience, we have been manufacturing buckets for over 30 years for some of the industry’s leading names.


Have something in mind? Give us a call to disucss how we can design and build you a bespoke attachements, specific to you applciation and requirements.



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