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The X-Form range of Buckets key features are strength, build quality and design. Domex steel comes in stronger, lighter and more durable than mild steel equivalents with ‘heavy duty’ features such as heat treated wear edges, corner gussets, coastal grade two pack paint and a rolled bucket shell.

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6′ to 9′ Wide Models

Part No.Capacity / HeapedWidthHeightDepthWeight KgRRPBolt On Toe Plate *
BK10-600.80m³ (28ft³) / 0.92m³ (32ft³)1.85m (6′)0.83m (2’9″)1.11m (3’8″)321£1,660RRP £360
BK15-601.2m³ (43ft³) / 1.38m³ (49ft³)0.99m (3’3″)1.33m (4’4″)375£1,820
BK10-660.87m³ (31ft³) / 1.00m³ (35ft³)2.00m (6’6″)0.83m (2’9″)1.11m (3’8″)338£1,680RRP £370
BK15-661.3m³ (46ft³) / 1.5m³ (53ft³)0.99m (3’3″)1.33m (4’4″)392£1,840
BK10-700.93m³ (33ft³) / 1.07m³ (38ft³)2.15m (7′)0.83m (2’9″)1.11m (3’8″)356£1,700RRP £380
BK15-701.4m³ (49ft³) / 1.61m³ (57ft³)0.99m (3’3″)1.33m (4’4″)409£1,860
BK17-701.59m³ (56ft³) / 1.83m³ (65ft³)1.06m (3’6″)1.41m (4’8″)423£2,000
BK20-701.87m³ (66ft³) / 2.15m³ (76ft³)1.14m (3,9″)1.53m (5′)464£2,130
BK10-761.0m³ (35ft³) / 1.15m³ (41ft³)2.3m (7’6″)0.83m (2’9″)1.11m (3’8″)375£1,730RRP £390
BK15-761.5m³ (53ft³) / 1.73m³ (61ft³)0.99m (3’3″)1.33m (4’4″)426£1,880
BK17-761.7m³ (60ft³) / 1.96m³ (69ft³)1.06m (3’6″)1.41m (4’8″)451£2,040
BK20-762.0m³ (71ft³) / 2.00m³ (71ft³)1.14m (3,9″)1.53m (5′)484£2,170
BK25-762.34m³ (83ft³) / 2.69m³ (95ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)543£2,470RRP £510
BK27-762.53m³ (89ft³) / 2.91m³ (103ft³)1.28m (4’2″)1.76m (5’8″)561£2,750
BK30-762.81m³ (99ft³) / 3.23m³ (114ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6′)575£2,960
BK10-801.07m³ (38ft³) / 1.23m³ (43ft³)2.45m (8′)0.83m (2’9″)1.11m (3’8″)391£1,760RRP £400
BK15-801.6m³ (57ft³) / 1.84m³ (65ft³)0.99m (3’3″)1.33m (4’4″)443£1,920
BK17-801.81m³ (64ft³) / 2.08m³ (73ft³)1.06m (3’6″)1.41m (4’8″)470£2,100
BK20-802.13m³ (75ft³) / 2.45m³ (87ft³)1.14m (3,9″)1.53m (5′)504£2,230
BK25-802.5m³ (88ft³) / 2.88m³ (102ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)565£2,520RRP £520
BK27-802.7m³ (96ft³) / 3.11m³ (110ft³)1.28m (4’2″)1.76m (5’8″)585£2,810
BK30-803.0m³ (106ft³) / 3.45m³ (122ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6′)617£3,040
BK25-862.66m³ (94ft³) / 3.06m³ (108ft³)2.60m (8’6″)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)587£2,600RRP £530
BK27-862.87m³ (101ft³) / 3.30m³ (117ft³)1.28m (4’2″)1.76m (5’8″)609£2,900
BK30-863.19m³ (113ft³) / 3.67m³ (130ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6′)643£3,130
BK25-902.82m³ (100ft³) / 3.24m³ (114ft³)2.75m (9')1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)609£2,690RRP £540
BK27-903.04m³ (107ft³) / 3.24m³ (114ft³)1.28m (4’2″)1.76m (5’8″)633£3,000
BK30-903.38m³ (120ft³) / 3.89m³ (137ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6′)669£3,240

*Bolt on edge – To add a bolt on reversible toe plate, please add ‘D’ onto the end of the part number*


Part No.Capacity / HeapedWidthHeightDepthWeight KgRRP Bolt on Toe Plate
BKC24-762.25m³ (79ft³) / 2.48m³ (88ft³)2.30m (7'6'')1.14m (3'9″)1.53m (5′)515£2,310RRP £390
BKC28-762.63m³ (93ft³) / 2.89m³ (102ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)577£2,620RRP £510
BKC33-763.09m³ (109ft³) / 3.40m³ (120ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6')625£3,140
BKC24-802.40m³ (85ft³) / 2.64m³ (93ft³)2.45m (8')1.14m (3'9″)1.53m (5′)535£2,370RRP £400
BKC28-802.80m³ (99ft³) / 3.08m³ (109ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)599£2,680RRP £520
BKC33-803.30m³ (117ft³) / 3.63m³ (128ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6')667£3,210
HB40-80D3.56m³ (126ft³) / 3.92m³ (138ft³)1.43m (4’8″)1.85m (6’1″)983£4,470*Included
HB50-80D4.44m³ (157ft³) / 4.88m³ (172ft³)1.54m (5′)1.95m (6’5″)1071£5,260
BKC24-862.55m³ (90ft³) / 2.81m³ (99ft³)2.60m (8'6'')1.14m (3'9″)1.53m (5′)555£2,440RRP £410
BKC28-862.98m³ (105ft³) / 3.28m³ (116ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)621£2,770RRP £530
BKC33-863.51m³ (124ft³) / 3.86m³ (136ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6')709£3,300
HB40-86D3.78m³ (133ft³) / 4.16m³ (147ft³)1.43m (4’8″)1.85m (6’1″)1025£4,650*Included
HB50-86D4.72m³ (167ft³) / 5.19m³ (183ft³)1.54m (5′)1.95m (6’5″)1118£5,450
BKC24-902.70m³ (95ft³) / 2.97m³ (105ft³)2,75m (9')1.14m (3'9″)1.53m (5′)575£2,530RRP £420
BKC28-903.15m³ (111ft³) / 3.47m³ (123ft³)1.23m (4′)1.66m (5’5″)643£2,870RRP £540
BKC33-903.71m³ (131ft³) / 4.08m³ (144ft³)1.35m (4’5″)1.82m (6')751£3,420
HB40-90D4.00m³ (141ft³) / 4.40m³ (155ft³)1.43m (4’8″)1.85m (6’1″)1067£4,860*Included
HB50-90D5.00m³ (177ft³) / 5.50m³ (194ft³)1.54m (5′)1.95m (6’5″)1165£5,680

*HB BUCKETS – Hybrid buckets with an 8mm floor, curved sides, reinforced back and a bolt on reversable toe plate for maximum strength.*

*Bolt on edge – To add a bolt on reversible toe plate, please add ‘D’ onto the end of the part number*


Toe Plate & Corner Fills, heat treated, Boron 500 for unrivaled strength and wear resistance across bucket edge.
Paint, coastal grade 2 pack polyurethane, designed to extend paint life against a standard paint finish.
Domex Steel, high strength, low alloy for maximum strength at minimum weight.
Unique Integral Box Technology, integrated brackets form the basis of a heavy duty design.
Rolled Back, gives extra strength, with the added benefit of less material sticking in the back of the bucket.


BKWE10-601.85m (6')6335mm150 x 20mm£360
BKWE10-662.00m (6'6")6365mm150 x 20mm£370
BKWE10-702.15m (7')7325mm150 x 20mm£380
BKWE10-762.30m (7'6")7350mm150 x 20mm£390
BKWE10-802.45m (8')8320mm150 x 20mm£400
BKWE15-601.85m (6')6335mm150 x 20mm£360
BKWE15-662.00m (6'6")6365mm150 x 20mm£370
BKWE15-702.15m (7')7325mm150 x 20mm£380
BKWE15-762.30m (7'6")7350mm150 x 20mm£390
BKWE15-802.45m (8')8320mm150 x 20mm£400
BKWE17-702.15m (7')7325mm150 x 20mm£380
BKWE17-762.30m (7'6")7350mm150 x 20mm£390
BKWE17-802.45m (8')8320mm150 x 20mm£400
BKWE20-702.15m (7')7325mm150 x 20mm£380
BKWE20-762.30m (7'6")7350mm150 x 20mm£390
BKWE20-802.45m (8')8320mm150 x 20mm£400
BKWE25-762.30m (7'6")7350mm200 x 20mm£510
BKWE25-802.45m (8')8320mm200 x 20mm£520
BKWE25-862.60m (8'6")8340mm200 x 20mm£530
BKWE27-762.30m (7'6")7350mm200 x 20mm£510
BKWE27-802.45m (8')8320mm200 x 20mm£520
BKWE27-862.60m (8'6")8340mm200 x 20mm£530
BKWE30-762.30m (7'6")7350mm200 x 20mm£510
BKWE30-802.45m (8')8320mm200 x 20mm£520
BKWE30-862.60m (8'6")8340mm200 x 20mm£530
BKWE30-902.75m (9')9320mm200 x 20mm£540
HBWE40-802.45m (8')8320mm200 x 20mm£510
HBWE40-862.60m (8'6")8340mm200 x 20mm£520
HBWE40-902.75m (9')9320mm200 x 20mm£530
HBWE50-802.45m (8')8320mm200 x 20mm£510
HBWE50-862.60m (8'6")8340mm200 x 20mm£520
HBWE50-902.75m (9')9320mm200 x 20mm£530
Please add 'DT' to the part numbers above for the Weld On toe plate with drilled and tapped holes
For Spare Toe Plate Bolts use Part Number XFTPB01 (40mm) RRP £8 each
For Spare Toe Plate Bolts use Part Number XFTPB02 (55mm) including nylock RRP £9 each


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