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Re-designed for 2018, the all new Cherry Folding Fork takes the term ‘Heavy Duty’ to a whole new level. Hydraulic folding wings pivot on a 70mmØ pin which themselves sit within a 110mmØ bush. A closed width of 8′ provides a safe option for road transport whilst the fork opens out to 12′ or 14′ depending on the model for maximum productivity in the clamp. Sitting between the heavy duty mounting brackets, a protection plate prevents grass pressing into the Loading Shovels’ headstock. 1600mm long Hardox tines, full length bucket wear edge welded to the underside and a heavy duty profiled box section made from 20mm thick profiles complete the robust design.

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Brackets Included

Part No.CapacityWidth Open / ClosedHeightDepthWeight KgTinesNo. TinesRRR
CF0912HD6.80m³ (240ft³)3.65m (12') / 2.45m (8')1.38m (4'6")1.80m (5'11")1550Hardox15£13,240
CF0914HD8.00m³ (282ft³)4.26m (14') / 2.45m (8')1.38m (4'6")1.80m (5'11")1620Hardox17£13,610
CF0916HD9.20m³ (325ft³)4.87m (16') / 3.00m (10')1.38m (4'6")1.80m (5'11")1690Hardox19£14,080

The prices above include an agricultural spec painted finish. For sand-blasting and a two-pack paint job please add £1905 to the RRP.


Folding Wings, hydraulically close or open, making road transport safer
Manual Locking Wings, lock in the closed position for transport
Pivot Pins, 70mmØ high grade and zinc plated for long term reliability
Hydraulic Cylinders, high capacity for maximum productivity and reliability
Base Tines, 1600mm Hardox tines welded into the fork base
Side Tines, all models come as standard with double KV Style side tines
Fork Back, central protection plate to prevent grass pressing into the machine’s headstock with cut outs for visibility
Wing Stops, for open and closed positions to protect the pins and cylinders
Full Length Wear Pads, protects the 20mm profiled bottom box for greater service life


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
TG01Tine Guard for road transport£1,265
TG02LED Light system fitted to a TG01£555


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
CT02/HD/21600mm Long, Straight Hardox Tine 50mm Thick£235
CT03/3980mm long, Straight KV Type Tine w/ M28 Nut£80
CT03/21100mm long, Straight KV Type Tine w/ M28 Nut£95
CF09TRPTop Ram Pin 30mm Ø 120mm Long£45
CF09BRPBottom Ram Pin 30mm Ø 265mm Long£40
CF09PVPPivot Pin 70mm Ø 360mm Long£115
CF09LLPLocking Latch Pin and Handle£50
CP29Hydraulic Cylinder£395
CT13Check Valve£155




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