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The Cherry Manure/Silage Fork range starts at 4′ and goes upto 8′. Although our standard range is below, we can quite easily manufacture something to your specific needs. The fork frame is built with strength in mind with a tough box section to take one of the three tine types we offer. We can supply a conus 2 bush to take either to 2 inch round tine or the Kvernaland style tapered tine. Alternatively we can supply the welded in, hard wearing, hardox style tines. As standard, the back of the fork is made with tubing, the benefit being that you can have a better view of the application.

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Brackets Included

Telehandler Models;

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgTinesNo. Of TinesRRR
CF01SHD1.59m³ (56ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.82m (2'8")0.98m (3'3")385Hardox8£3,475
CF01SK1.59m³ (56ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.82m (2'8")0.98m (3'3")365KV type9£2,890
CF01AHD1.71m³ (60ft³)2.13m (7')1.05m (3'6")1.20m (4')400Hardox8£3,770
CF01AK1.71m³ (60ft³)2.13m (7')1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")392KV type9£3,040
CF01A1.71m³ (60ft³)2.13m (7')1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")4202''Round9£3,405
CF01HD1.84m³ (65ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.05m (3'6")1.20m (4')450Hardox9£4,050
CF01K1.84m³ (65ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")403KV Type10£3,270
CF011.84m³ (65ft³)2.28m (7'6")1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")4802''Round10£3,665
CF01HDW1.95m³ (69ft³)2.45m (8')1.05m (3'6")1.20m (4')510Hardox10£4,335
CF01KW1.95m³ (69ft³)2.45m (8')1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")475KV Type11£3,480
CF01W1.95m³ (69ft³)2.45m (8')1.05m (3'6")1.10m (3'8")5102''Round11£3,910

Loader/Skidsteer Models;

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgTinesNo. Of TinesRRR
CF01FE120K0.35m³ (12ft³)1.22m (4)0.49m (1'7")0.68m (2'3")210KV Type6£1,475
CF01FE100K0.42m³ (15ft³)1.37m (4'6")0.49m (1'7")0.68m (2'3")220KV type7£1,510
CF01FE250K0.71m³ (25ft³)1.22m (4')0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")240KV Type6£1,730
CF01FE240K0.79m³ (28ft³)1.37m (4'6")0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")270KV Type7£1,740
CF01FE230K0.88m³ (31ft³)1.52m (5')0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")300KV Type8£1,760
CF01FE220K0.96m³ (34ft³)1.68m (5'6")0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")330KV Type9£1,775
CF01FE200K1.05m³ (37ft³)1.83m (6')0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")360KV Type10£1,790
CF01FE190K1.19m³ (42ft³)1.98m (6'6")0.60m (2')0.81m (2'8")390KV Type11£1,805


All of the forks in this range come with a tube style back for maximum strength and visibility. For another type of fork back to suit your application, please add one of the below part numbers to your enquiry with your Dealer.

Part NumberDescriptionRRP
CM1Middle section plated to protect machine's headstockNo Extra Cost
CM2Whole fork back platedNo Extra Cost
CM4Whole fork back plated with 'Cherry' cut out and visibility slotsNo Extra Cost
DST01Double side tines£375


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
CT03/3980mm Long, Straight KV Type Tine W/ M28 Nut£80
CT03/21100mm Long, Straight KV Type Tine£95
CT02/HD980mm Long, Straight Hardox Tine 50mm Thick£140
CT02/HD/5Top Ram Pin 25980mm Long, Stright Hardox Tine 40mm Thick£40
FGBRPBottom Ram Pin 30mm Ø 265mm Long£115
CT01/1980mm Long, 50mmØ Straight Round Tine W/ M28 Nut£80
CT01/T1100mm Long, Straight Round 50mm Ø Tine W/ M28 Nut£125
C2BConus 2 Bush 41mm أ30
CT07Forkside Extensions£180



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