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The Cherry Safety Access Platform range includes some of the most popular models on the UK agricultural market, due to their conformity with HSE regulations and heavy duty build quality. All models come as standard with tine fixings or bracket mount, have a self closing access gate and a full width tool shelf. Both of the CM24D & CM24D/8 models also come with a galvanised finish as standard.

To comply with HSE regulations (PM28), the Cherry range of platforms include – complete kick boards – weldmesh back (at the headstock width) – harness points – non slip chequer plate floor  – bracket mount or tine fixing – self closing access gate – full safety instructions (including stickers) & a certificate of conformity.

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Part NumberDetailsWidthHeightDepthWeight KgSWLRRP
CM24S (Tine fixing only)One/Two Man0.95m (3'11")2.21m (7'2")0.95m (3'11")104250kgs£1,090
CM24DTwo Man1.60m (5'3")1.40m (4'7")1.10m (3'7")230500kgs£2,000
CM24D/8Two Man2.44m (8')1.40m (4'7")1.10m (3'7")330500kgs£2,450

Tine Fixings only included in RRP shown above.

Bracket mount only + £305 to RRP.

Both Tine Fixings and Bracket mount + £420 to RRP add AG02 to any of the above part numbers.


Part NumberDescription£RRP
AG02Bracket & tine fixing. Allows platform to fit either the machine's headstock or pallet tines£420
AG03Hinge down roll over rail. Gives height protection for working indoors£415
AG05Harness and Helmet Kit£250


HSE Conformity, design complies with all current HSE requirements as per PM28 guidelines.
Documents supplied, each Platform comes with a certificate of conformity, operating instructions, and a link to download the current PM28 guidelines.
Safe Working Load, both platforms in this range have a maximum working load of 500kgs.
Spring Shut Access Gate, as standard for ease of access. Inward opening, self closing.
Tool Shelf, full width on both platforms. Suitable for holding tools, drills etc. Rather than having them on the floor as a potential trip hazard.
Weldmesh Back, prevents access into the workings of the machine i.e headstock or mast
Floor, non slip chequer plate with drainage holes.
Harness Points, either end on both models, for maximum safety without movement restrictions.
Tine Fixings or Bracket Fixings, built to suit your requests. All models have the option for tine fixings, bracket mount or both.


Part NumberDescriptionFor ModelRRP
CM24DP01Tine sleeve locking pin (pair)CM24D and CM24D/8£40
CM24DRS01Gate return springCM24D and CM24D/8£25
CM24DLPAGate locking pin (complete assembly)CM24D and CM24D/8£60
CM24DW01Nylon washerCM24D and CM24D/8£10