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The Cherry Bag Lifter range gives a safe, quick and efficient option for moving big bags. The design allows for extra height to be gained, easy loading or unloading curtain sided lorries and avoiding roof damage. Each model is adjustable to suit all bag sizes you wish to move, meaning that bags can be stacked and stored with precision. End restraints at the end of each arm help prevent bags sliding off, and a bump bar limits bag swing. Can hold either 4 x 600KG bags OR 4 x 1000KG bags.

Our Hydraulic Adjustable Bag Lifter is the most versatile bag lifter in the market place. A single hydraulic cylinder allows you to adjust the arm centres from the comfort of the cab – the perfect solution if you have a mixture of 600kg and 1000kg bags.

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Manually Adjustable Arms – Brackets Included

Part No.Bag TypeArm CentresHeightDepthWeight KgRRP
CAB02600kg/1000kg0.85 / 1.27m (2'9" / 4'2")1.14m (3'9")2.30m (7'6")280£2,345

Hydraulically Adjustable Arms – Brackets Included

Part No.Bag TypeArm CentresHeightDepthKilosRRP
CAB03600kg/1000kg0.85 / 1.27m (2'9" / 4'2")1.14m (3'9")2.30m (7'6")290£2,725


Stopping Blocks, prevent bags from accidently sliding off of the end of the arms.
Swing Protector, prevents bags from swinging backwards and forwards when in transit and subsequently not splitting.
Arms, built at a length & fully adjustable for easy stacking.
Brackets, integral to the design and strength of the Bag Lifter.
Support Gussets, run under main arms to provide extra strength.


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
BBL-SPMain Slide Pin 50mmØ 450mm long (each)£70
CM24LPAManual Locking Pin Complete Assembly (each)£60
CP22BHydraulic Cylinder (Models from 2019)£350
CP03BHydraulic Cylinder (Pre 2019 models with the part number CAB01)£300




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