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In partnership with Eastern Attachments, Cherry Products are extremely pleased to be able to offer the X-Form range of Bucket Brushes.

With a galvanized body and adjustable frame our bucket brushes fit most tractor and telehandler buckets for a quick easy yard sweeping. Hard wearing, reverse action poly brushes offer a low cost and effective clearing solution.

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Part NumberDescriptionWeight KgRRP
BS60Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 6' bucket) c/w mounting brackets184£2,380
BS66Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 6'6'' bucket) c/w mounting brackets193£2,420
BS70Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 7' bucket) c/w mounting brackets202£2,470
BS76Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 7'6'' bucket) c/w mounting brackets211£2,520
BS80Hydraulic Bucket Brush (to fit 8' bucket) c/w mounting brackets220£2,560


– Galvanised body manufactured from high strength Domex steel.

– Hard wearing poly brushes.

– Reversible brush rotation.

– Supplied with pipework.

– Easy to fit and maintain.

– Can stand alone upright when not in use.

– Suitable for telehandler buckets.

– Min. flow required – 20lpm. Max. flow – 100lpm. Max. pressure – 250bar.

– Fitting Service Available – please call the sales office for details.

*Bucket not Included in RRP*


Part NumberDescriptionRRP
BS-BRBristle Segment£30
BS-PSBristle Spacer£3
BS-BCC-60BS60 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set£265
BS-BCC-66BS66 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set£270
BS-BCC-70BS70 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set£275
BS-BCC-76BS76 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set£275
BS-BCC-80BS80 Bristle and Cartridge Complete Set£280
BS-HHSHydraulic Hose Set£125
BS-HMHydraulic Motor£665
BS-HMDBHydraulic Motor Drive Block£65
BS-LPLocking Pin£30
BS-MBMounting Bracket Set£70
BS-MHMounting Hook£75
BS-MAMounting Arm£85
BS-HABHeight Adjustment Box£90
BS-HAFHeight Adjustment Foot£65
BS-DD-60BS60 Debris Deflector£285
BS-DD-66BS66 Debris Deflector£295
BS-DD-70BS70 Debris Deflector£305
BS-DD-76BS76 Debris Deflector£315
BS-DD-80BS80 Debris Deflector£325
BS-MS-60BS60 Main Shell£1130
BS-MS-66BS66 Main Shell£1180
BS-MS-70BS70 Main Shell£1225
BS-MS-76BS76 Main Shell£1270
BS-MS-80BS80 Main Shell£1315
BS-HA-RKHeight Adjustment Retro Kit£250
BS-RBS-60BS60 Replacement Bristle Set (30)£315
BS-RBS-66BS66 Replacement Bristle Set (36)£370
BS-RBS-70BS70 Replacement Bristle Set (42)£430
BS-RBS-76BS76 Replacement Bristle Set (48)£490
BS-RBS-80BS80 Replacement Bristle Set (54)£550



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