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The X-Form range of Power Grabs key features are strength, build quality and design. Domex steel comes in stronger, lighter and more durable than mild steel equivalents with ‘heavy duty’ features such as heat treated wear plates, coastal grade two pack paint, high capacity rams, high grade zinc plated pins and long tine bushes.

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5’6″ to 9′ Models

Part No.CapacityWidthHeightDepthWeight KgNo. of fork tinesNo. of grab tinesRRP - KV TINESRRP - HARDOX TINESRRP - MIXED TINES
GL-560.86m³ (30ft³)1.85m (6')0.82m (2'8'')0.82m (2'8'')300-33485£2,930£3,080£3,010
GL-600.93m³ (33ft³)2.00m (6'6'')0.82m (2'8'')0.82m (2'8'')314-35295£2,980£3,130£3,050
GL-661.00m³ (35ft³)2.15m (7')0.82m (2'8")0.82m (2'8'')323-36195£3,030£3,170£3,100
GS-661.50m³ (53ft³)2.00m (6'6'')1.10m (3'7")1.10m (3'7'')545-63485£3,800£4,310£4,120
GS-701.60m³ (57ft³)2.15m (7')1.15m (3'9'')1.10m (3'7'')559-64885£3,840£4,350£4,170
GS-761.70m³ (60ft³)2.30m (7'6'')1.15m (3'9'')1.10m (3'7'')581-67895£3,920£4,450£4,250
GS-801.80m³ (64ft³)2.45m (8')1.15m (3'9")1.10m (3'7'')603-708105£3,990£4,540£4,340
GS-861.90m³ (67ft³)2.60m (8'6'')1.15m (3'9'')1.10m (3'7'')617-722105£4,070£4,630£4,420
GH-762.25m³ (79ft³)2.30m (7'6'')1.27m (4'2'')1.30m (4'3'')637-74395£4,490£5,060£4,870
GH-802.40m³ (85ft³)2.45m (8')1.27m (4'3'')1.30m (4'3'')660-776105£4,590£5,170£4,980
GH-862.55m³ (90ft³)2.60m (8'6'')1.27m (4'2'')1.30m (4'3'')675-791105£4,640£5,250£5,040
GH-902.70m³ (95ft³)2.75m (9')1.27m (4'2'')1.30m (4'3'')710-824116£4,870£5,530£5,300

*Please note that if you order a fork and grab on Merlo or Cat brackets you will need to add a check valve, part number CT13 and add £155 on to any of the RRP’s above*


-Brackets Included.

-Add (M) for mixed tines (KV grab tines & Hardox fork tines).

-Add (X) for Hardox tines (Hardox fork & grab tines).

-Leave the part number without a suffix for KV tines (KV fork & grab tines).

– GL Models are specifically manufactured for tractor loaders.

– GS Models are made to suit standard sized telehandlers or larger loaders.

-GH Models are manufactured to suit large telehandlers or loading shovels.


Fork Back, enclosed to keep headstock and hydraulics protected. Cut outs aid visibility for the user.
Paint, coastal grade 2 pack polyurethane. Designed to extend paint life against a standard paint finish.
Domex Steel, high strength, low alloy for maximum strength at minimum weight.
Unique Double Box Technology, integrated brackets form the basis of a heavy duty design.
Tine Options, available with KV type, Hardox or a mixture to suit your application.
Bushes, on KV type options are heat treated and hardened for longer working life.
Wide Opening Grab, GL loader models open to 1180mm, GS standard capacity models open to 1600mm, GH high capacity models open to 1800mm.


Grab Models Suited ToPart NumberDescriptionRRP
GL / GS / GHG_WPWear Pad£45
GLG_ST_LGL-Conus 1 KV 820mm Straight Tine£75
G_CT_LGL-Conus 1 KV 680mm Curved Tine£75
G_ST_LXGL-Hardox 820mm Straight Tine£105
G_CT_LXGL-Hardox 680mm Curved Tine£105
GSG_ST_SGS-Conus 2 KV 980mm Straight Tine£115
G_CT_SGS-Conus 2 KV 820mm Curved Tine£115
G_ST_SXGS-Hardox 980mm Straight Tine£145
G_CT_SXGS-Hardox 820mm Curved Tine£145
GHG_ST_HGH-Conus 2 KV 1100mm Straight Tine£115
G_CT_HGH-Conus 2 KV 980mm Curved Tine£115
G_ST_HXGH-Hardox 1100mm Straight Tine£165
G_CT_HXGH-Hardox 980mm Curved Tine£165
GLG_PP_LGL-Pivot Pin (c/w Grease Nipple)£85
G_HRTP_LGL-Hydraulic Ram Top Pin£50
G_HRBP_LGL-Hydraulic Ram Bottom Pin£50
GS / GHG_PPGS / GH-Pivot Pin (c/w Grease Nipple)£90
G_HRTPGS / GH-Hydraulic Ram Top Pin£50
G_HRBPGS / GH-Hydraulic Ram Bottom Pin£50
GLG_HR_LGL-Hydraulic Ram£350
GS / GHG_HRGS / GH-Hydraulic Ram£390
GL / GS / GHG_HRSKGL / GS / GH-Hydraulic Ram Seal Kit£105
GLG_HHS_56LGL 56-Hydraulic Hose Set£160
G_HHS_60LGL 60-Hydraulic Hose Set£185
G_HHS_66LGL 66-Hydraulic Hose Set£200
GS / GHG_HHS_66GS 66-Hydraulic Hose Set£200
G_HHS_70GS 70-Hydraulic Hose Set£190
G_HHS_76GS 76 / GH-76-Hydraulic Hose Set£200
G_HHS_80GS 80 / GH-80-Hydraulic Hose Set£210
G_HHS_86GS 86 / GH-86-Hydraulic Hose Set£215
G_HHS_90GH 90-Hydraulic Hose Set£225
GL / GS / GHQRC_M½" BSP Quick Release Coupling-Male£35
QRC_F½" BSP Quick Release Coupling-Female£50




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